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Sales Account Executive

Sales Account Executive

If you want to truly be a critical part of a company, here’s your chance....

Digital Marketing Specialist

A little about us:

The concepts of “work” and “career” have being shaken to their core. The emplo...

Junior Customer Success Account

A little about us:

The concepts of “work” and “career” have been shaken to their core. The employ...

Python/Django Developer

If you want to truly be a critical part of a company, here’s your chance. You’ll be part of our D...

The world has changed. How we create value has changed. Organizationally we have not. And it's time to do so.  

We believe engaged talent is the ultimate agent of positive, transformational change across every aspect of society and economy.   

Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Training & Development, Internal communication, always with fun. glickon is the only platform designed for engaging the talent working with the organization across the entire lifecycle, from recruitment to exit.  

We're here for those organizations who believe in agile, flexible and open world of work. We're here for those people who refuse to settle. Who never stop moving forwards. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do at work.  

Welcome to a world of fun. Welcome to glickon.

Mission and values

Our mission is to make people and organizations better at their most important work. Join us.

We aim at finding the single best person on the planet for any given job.

We build our interview process around our candidates. We want to give everyone the best chance at representing their talent. Everyone starts playing our games, and if we think there's a fit, we’ll set up a phone interview. 

If the phone interview goes well, it’s time to visit our offices, meet our team, and have an on-site interview. If you're invited to come on-site we’ll be asking you question about:


What’s the story of your life? We want to learn about who you really are. There’s no wrong answers here…


We’ll ask specific questions about the problems you solved in previous roles to determine your skills and attitude. We’ll look for a proven track record of exceptional ability.


Life has to be about more than just solving problems. Otherwise why to get up in the morning? We want to know what motivates and inspires you…

The deal

Help make our company more valuable, and we’ll make you more valuable. We want to know how you will add value to our company and what do you envision to do in the future.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, apply now. We can make an offer very quickly if you’re a good fit.

Sales & Marketing
We share the Glickon love around the world and develop effective solutions for organizations.
Software Engineering
We build things that solve problems.
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