About us

glickon is a hyper-growth, next generation, gaming platform that helps companies engage, measure and understand their workforce across the entire lifecycle - from recruitment to exit.

Trusted by the world’s best companies, glickon smart technology provide organizations with data and insights so they can act in real time and build strong and engaged teams.

glickon has been selected from more than 2100 startups by Mass Challenge 2017 as one of the world’s highest impact, highest-potential early-stage startups for 2017.

Headquarter Milano, Italia
Mission and values

The change we seek won’t happen overnight. We care about building real value (over perception) and we focus on signal over noise. This is a decades-long endeavour, and the work will never be done. Success can only come if we live by a stringent and unapologetic set of values. These values are reflected in the company we’re building and the people we choose to work with.


We build products for a purpose. Belief is at the root of all accomplishment. It makes weathering the hard times easier, and keeps the good times in perspective because there is always more to do.


We do what is necessary not because someone asks something of us but because our internal voice says so. We stand for the highest quality bar, bordering on perfectionism. 

Failure and success

We are comfortable in taking risk and failure is an option here: if it were easy, everyone would do it. If things are not failing, we are not probably innovating enough. We intend to win. We relentless focus on success; we work super hard and we never give up unless we are forced to give up.

Sales & Marketing
We share the Glickon love around the world and develop effective solutions for organizations.
Software Engineering
We build things that solve problems.
Sales Account Executive

Sales Account Executive

If you want to truly be a critical part of a company, here’s your chance. You’ll be the first sales leader at one of Italy’s fastest growing startups. You ...

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