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Programmatic Campaign Specialist

 GroupM is looking for a Campaign Manager.  

She/He is expected to create, launch, and maintain
online ad campaigns in multiple DSP platforms. Additionally, She/He will
provide actionable campaign insights to both external customers and internal

Build and traffic campaigns in DSP platforms

Analyse campaign performance and make recommendations for optimization  

Develop strong and effective audience targeted plans in accordance with campaign
objectives (branding / performance) and targeting strategy

Own campaign performance and pacing while recommending opportunities for

Regular review of performance of campaigns across revenue, performance, and pacing  

Analyse performance to understand value provided by DSPs and other vendors  

Design and implement tests to evaluate DSP platforms / DMP data activation and feature

Work with internal teams to create Real-time Optimization strategies that align with
campaign goals, delivery, and performance

About you 

1 –3-year trading experience in digital advertising  

1 –2 years of digital media analytics experience landscape, RTB/Programmatic
buying experience

Quick learner who loves to pick up new tools/software for reporting & analysis  

Organized detail oriented and highly focused.  

Good technical communicator – can work with DSP teams to build features you need  

People person – can work with client and internal teams to plan and optimize campaigns
for performance

Cool under pressure and able to concentrate in the middle of any chaos  

Passion for online advertising technology  

Knowledge of main DPSs and experience with algorithm / automation tools  

Familiarity of how websites and online ads work  

HTML/JavaScript Familiarity with ad servers, rich media vendors, web debugging and troubleshooting tools 

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