The most playful way to engage and evaluate your candidates and employees.
Using gamification for human resources.
Gaming is a way of life. Today more than 700 million people around the world play online games and most play more than an hour each day. The average person racks up more than 10.000 hours of gaming by the age of 21. Gaming isn’t just something that we do, it is large part of what and who we are. And now it’s time to use gamification for human resources.
Glickon allows you to convert your canditates and employees into devote players, hire the best talent and develop your organization. The result is an enaged community with a unique portfolio of experiences, skills and passions you can leverage to reach extraordinary results.
Employer Branding
Plan an active and immersive digital experience for your candidates, empower your brand and shape how they perceive your company and your career opportunities. Use virtual reality to immerse your candidates in whole new world and show them that working for you is the most fantastic thing ever!
How to select the right people for your organization? How to assess their skills? And, above all how to reach and engage them? Customize your challenges on the basis of your target audience and the skills you are looking for. We take care of online marketing campaigns for you and we brings qualified candidates to your door. Our algorithms quantify their skills and their psycho-demographic traits in few seconds. You can keep track of their progress in real-time and hire the best talent.
People development
Turn your employees into devoted players. Access information you don’t own and get unprecedent insights about your workforce. Launch challenges that are useful all through your organization and turn data to action: from recruiting to induction, from training to development and change management, as well as improve internal culture and engagement.
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At last, a platform for your entire community of candidates and employees.
Create a challenge
Create a challenge to assess the exact skillset that you’re looking for. Select questions from the library or build your own.
Invite candidates or employees
Launch the challenge; send invite directly from Glickon or through integrated ATS platform. Activite marketing campaign to reach your target audience.
Our algorithms predict skills and ranked candidates automatically. Access the leaderboard and review top performers. Download report and insights.
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