The world has changed. How we create value has changed. Organizationally we have not. And it’s time to do so.

The concepts of “work” and “career” have being shaken to their core. Organizations themselves are being disrupted. Exponential technologies have ripple effects that are dramatically changing the world of work. Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce and the workplace and need to close the gap between the pace of change and the challenges of organizational design and talent management.

We exist to close this gap and create the organization of the future — one that is more open, agile and flexible.

Openness play a central role in the organization of the future, as companies race to replace structural hierarchies with networks of talent empowered to take action.

We challenge conventional thinking of the “perimeter” of an organization. Instead of being about organizing in hierarchical way that focuses on “getting the right people on the bus” our model is about building concentric circles of talent that can change and resize as needed. Who is in or out the organization will be less important that what work needs to get done by what talent and with what motivation. In essence organizations will act flat because they will actually be flat.

At our core, we believe engaged talent is the ultimate agent of positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society and economy.

We are building a platform that helps companies engage and manage talent through the most powerful experience: gaming.

Our platform is built on technology and innovation, infinitely configurable and constantly evolving to deliver better experiences for people and organizations.

We’re not a traditional startup. We exist for more than short term returns, even though it is our lifeblood. The change we seek won’t happen overnight. This is a decades-long endeavor, and the work will never be done. Four years ago, we set out to create a product that would transform organizational design and talent management in organizations of all sizes. Today, our platform is used by some of the best companies in the world to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.

We take our work seriously. We do so because we believe with the deepest conviction that our work will bring unparalleled benefits to the world, through a combination of technology innovation and passion.

This is our mission, to make people and organizations better at their most important work.

We look forward to doing so with you.