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We made everything easier by transforming the way people find and do their jobs.


Find & recruit the best talents

A simple recruiting experience, for the candidate and the HR.

Employer Branding

Show the best talents a unique image of your team, with a disruptive storytelling made of podcasts, videos, interactive games and much more

Smart Recruiting

Track applications with a click, assign tasks inside and outside the recruiting team, identify the best talents at a glance with the Fit Index 

Candidate Experience

Engage the best talents, starting from the job description, built an experience they won’t forget with contents, quizzes and sentiment analysis surveys 


Foster talent inside your team.

Engage every person, from the first to the last day on their job.

Engagement Journey

Engage people at all the moments that matter, with 5 ready-to-use journeys: Onboarding, Wellbeing, Internal Mobility, Performance Management, Upskilling

Survey & Analytics

A good experience always begins with listening: leverage on the powerful analytics tool to know how your people feel and what they need

Learning & Development

Simple and effective grow and training activities, thanks to interactive challenges and multimedia contents already on our platform

Everybody talks about Employee Experience
but instead it's simply...

A link.

A story.

A search.

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A simple story.

To achieve better results.

Work should be exciting. It should push you, through projects and experiences, to strive for results you might otherwise never reach on your own. There will always be financial obligations and clients to look after: but the core are your people, and their stories.

We aim to provide support and nudge them in the right direction, but ultimately, we help them find their own way to reach their goals and solve their problems.

glickon makes this happen, a place where every person can become the best version of themselves and turn dreams into an experience just by listening, sharing, observing, reading, playing.

Create your people and company's story.

It seemed like it was just an idea.

Instead, we sort of changed the world a little bit.

Francesca Saia

Francesca Saia

KPMG Italia

«linkbiz was a digital access door, that we are now also using in our communications to always brings people to a landing page from which they can remember their path».

Alessandro Montanari

Alessandro Montanari

Reda 1865

«To us, linkbiz represents, visually as well, a sort of signposting of different paths that the different subjects of our company must follow to find themselves at a common point».

Angelo Zega

Angelo Zega

Cattolica Assicurazioni

«We have created this virtual space, this agorà where people can have a well-being experience, having the opportunity to comment, give support, make suggestions. For us, glickon was essential because it helped us get even closer to our people on a daily basis».

Silvia Preti

Silvia Preti


«Together with glickon we have worked a lot on recruiting and employer branding, taking care of what we are able to convey to the outside world and the engagement of our employees. linkbiz helped us give coherence and a single frame of meaning to the many activities we carried out».

Salvatore Caligiuri

Salvatore Caligiuri


«We used linkbiz for our last career day, creating a path that would give candidates the opportunity to get to know and explore the various areas that are important to us».

Davide Fabio Laurora

Davide Fabio Laurora


«For Jakala, linkbiz represents another step towards the simplification and digitization of our processes».

Matteo Melchiorri

Matteo Melchiorri


«With glickon we have drawn synthetic elements that will guide specific actions on subjects like communication, smart working, welfare, engagement or people development. Thanks to the glickon algorithm we then drew conclusions of value, and managed to transform qualitative indications into quantitative elements».

Bruna Cortinovis

Bruna Cortinovis

Golden Goose

«With glickon we made our “Golden story”, the voices of our family, very simple and spontaneous. Our goal, which we have achieved, was to have not only a platform, but a branding vehicle for our family and for a two-way conversation».

Paola Baravalle

Paola Baravalle

Erre Technology

«We immediately felt glickon on our skin, like an amplifier, a multiplier of what we have to narrate. For us, people are the true value and the choice of voices is interesting because it allows them to turn into protagonists».

Work experience, all of it. Simple, at last.

For everyone, everywhere. It's simple.