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Engage people from the first to the last day.
All of glickon's Employee Experience features
for HR professionals and employees.

Simplify the onboarding process. Allow new hires to explore and acclimate to your organization and interact through digital challenges and feedback forms
Measure people's skills in a fun and easy way. Set up training courses focused on development
Internal Mobility
Take advantage of the talent and skills already present in your company: create an internal job board to collect applications and test the alignment of candidates skills with the job openings, in an agile and engaging way
Address your people's mental and physical wellbeing in these times of revolutionary change. Podcasts, videos, and digital challenges to make them interact and share their story

Ready-to-use templates

Create experiences
from templates used
by our customers


Learn more about your team
and improve work experience through thanks to the flexibility
of glickon's surveys

Multimedia content

Enrich your platform by adding podcasts, videos and images that engage employees


Activate quizzes with a
dynamic-adaptive algorithm to improve people's skills
in a fun and agile way

Sentiment Analysis

glickon's algorithm allows you to analyze people's activity and visualize the sentiment of their response

Organizational Network Analysis

Evaluate the quality of relationships between teams through the analysis of communication and collaboration tools