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Find and hire the best talent. 

All the features of the Glickon candidate experience. 

In a simple way for both recruiters and candidates. 

Engage the best talent

Improve Employer Branding, offer talents a deep and interactive experienceShare the value of your brand through videos, podcasts, images and interactive documents. 

Manage applications

Collect all candidate profiles in a simple dashboard with personal information and data, assign and share feedback and evaluations in an effectivequick way while being compliant with privacy and GDPR. 

Offer a memorable experience

Challenge the best talents through interactive and custom journeys while testing their skills and leaving a great memory of your brand. 

Employer Branding

A modern and interactive storytelling with podcasts, videos, images and games

Sentiment Analysis

Powered by semantic algorithms of AI

Fit Index

A unique numeric index to make it simple in the selection

Feedback collaborativi

Exchange messages and notifications, inside and outside the HR team

Analytics avanzati

All the power of data in a simple, powerful and intuitive dashboard