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Terms and Conditions

1. Premise

1.1 The following terms and conditions (as defined herein) are between Glickon and the User (as defined herein) and are effective from the moment the user accepts. The subject of these terms is the use of the Platform (as defined herein) and all its features. This agreement, as well as the policies regarding cookies and privacy establish the norms for access to and use of the Platform.

1.2 By navigating the Platform, registering as a user or using its features, the User acknowledges to have read and understood the terms and conditions of these Conditions of Use and to fully accept the regulations. Fully accepting the Conditions of Use is necessary for access to the Platform features (as defined herein). If the user does not intend to accept these Conditions of Use, the user must immediately cease navigating the Platform, avoid registering and not access, view, download or in any other way use any of the Platform pages, content or services.

2. Definitions

2.1 “Partner Company” is a company that has reached a commercial agreement with Glickon regarding the creation of a Corporate Page or a test for a Corporate Challenge for the selection process;

2.2 “Challenge” refers to challenge/s created and added to the Platform directly by Glickon, which all Users can access/use;

2.3 “Corporate Challenge” refers to a Challenge managed exclusively by a Partner Company;

2.4 “Conditions of Use” refers to these Conditions of Use and any related document, indicated herein or attached regarding the regulations between Glickon and the User;

2.5 “Content” refers to the information and/or data found within the Platform.

2.6 “User Content” means any content such as, for example, contributions, photos, data, texts (Word documents, Power Point Excel), software, graphic elements, sounds, images, videos or other materials protected by copyright or other rights, uploaded or otherwise made available by the User on the Platform;

2.7 “Glickon” refers to Glickon Ltd. A company under Italian law with a registered office in Milan, Via Nino Bixio 7, VAT number: 08573820969;

2.8 “Corporate Page” refers to a profile page that a Partner Company can use to describe itself, work on employer branding, publish multimedia content and Corporate Challenges;

2.9 “Platform” refers to the Glickon Platform, accessible at the URL, aimed at creating a User community able to evaluate itself through Challenges created to test and develop one’s skill set through gaming activities, the User will be able to take the tests either purely for entertainment purposes or in order to take part in the selection process for job postings by Glickon’s partner companies, available online through web application on the most widely used web browsers;

2.10 “Part” refers to Glickon and the User;

2.11 “User” refers to the natural person who utilizes the Platform and its features outside of any possible personal entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity, and accepts these Terms of Use;

2.12 Unless the context of this Agreement otherwise clearly requires, references to the plural include the singular, to the singular include the plural and to the part include the whole;

3. Platform features

3.1 The Platform is aimed at bringing together Users and Partner Companies, allowing Users to test and develop their skills through the Challenges (both the regular Challenges and the Corporate Challenges) with Partner Companies having the ability look at the user results for the Corporate Challenges. The User is free to take part in the challenges purely for entertainment purposes or in order to be involved in activities stemming from employer branding, talent acquisition and communication (please see “Corporate Activities”) promoted by Partner Companies.

3.2 Each User will be free to take part in all challenges or a select number of challenges on specific skills and interests, choosing from either the Glickon made challenges or those created by the various Partner Companies and divided and classified in specific areas of interest. Users can challenge other Users on the platform or other individuals connected to them through their own personal social media (Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts or others). These contacts will need to register on the platform in order to access the Challenges.

3.3 Glickon and/or the Partner Company that created the Challenge can, at their own discretion, propose Challenges of different types to a select number of Users who received the best scores or Users with professional profiles in line with what the company is looking for, or with specific skills sets of interest to the company.

3.4 The Corporate Challenges are started and managed completely independently by the Partner Company, in the same way as the selection of the participants’ group is at the discretion of the Challenge manager, who will apply the selection features that he/she deems most relevant.

3.5 The use of the Platform and the registration on the same is permitted to Users who, according to the relevant regulations, are legally able to take action.

3.6 Interested Users can register on the Platform, insert their personal data through the specific online forms, upload their résumé and start taking the Challenges.

3.7 Access to the Platform might at times be temporarily suspended or limited due to maintenance operations or updates processes needed to add new services and products. Glickon will try to limit the frequency and recurrence of such service suspensions and/or limitations. Glickon cannot guarantee that the Platform will at all times free of viruses or other components potentially harmful to the User’s devices. The User therefore understands that the use of the Platform is at their own risk.

3.8 The use and proper functionality of Platform features may at times by limited by functionality, blocks, problems related to the market of reference or problems related to payments on specific User data plans. Glickon is to be held in no way responsible of such occurrences.

4. Registration on the platform

4.1 To be able to use all the features of the Platform, the User must register using an email address or through a third party social media Login (for example Facebook or LinkedIn). Within this procedure, it is necessary for Users to fill out various sections of their personal profile. In the case of a registration taking place through a third party social media login, the necessary details can be automatically uploaded, during the registration process, according to the available information regarding services supplied by third party entities.

4.2 The user, through their own profile, will have access to the statistics of their progress for the Challenges and quizzes taken.

4.3 The User’s email address and the accounts associated by third party services (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) will be used by Glickon for all communications regarding the use of the Platform, the User’s personal profile and the services offered. The User accepts the validity of such communications aimed at regulating the relationship and the responsibility to check the stated communication channels.

4.4 All activity taking place on email or on the social media accounts associated by third party services (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) used by the User will automatically allocate said activity and all related aspects to the user, without any exceptions.

4.5 Users interested in registering for Glickon through their Facebook/LinkedIn profile will be able to do so by clicking on the specific button “Register with Facebook/LinkedIn”. By doing so they will link the personal Facebook/LinkedIn account to Glickon, thereby consenting to the activation of the account. Clicking the above state button, the User will accept the terms regarding the Information on the processing of personal data by Glickon and these Terms of Use.

4.6 Glickon cannot in any way gain possession of the credentials to the User’s accounts associated by third party services (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) as these will remain under the User’s control and responsibility exclusively. The Widget connecting the accounts associated by third party services (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) and Glickon are a product and a service supplied by interested third parties (the subsidiary companies) and the User will be able to unregister their personal social media account from Glickon at any moment. The unregistering in this way will however mean a stop in functionality for an account opened through such registration means.

4.7 The User declares and pledges that all information supplied through the registration process, either directly or through third party services (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) is valid and up-to-date. Glickon will in no way be held responsible for the truthfulness and validity of said information.

5. Confidentiality and validity of information supplied on the platform

5.1 After having completed the registration, the User will be able to change the personal profile setting at any moment and decide whether to make their profile data visible to other Users and to Partner Companies. It being understood that the moment a User takes part directly in a Corporate Challenge, the Partner Company that issued the challenge will be able to view the user profiles of all participants, including the results of all Challenges posted by Glickon that the user took part in after registering on Glickon. The results of Corporate Challenges issued by other Partner Companies will instead not be visible.

5.2 Each user will be able to modify their profile setting making it private if they do not wish to have their results available for viewing.

6. Use of the platform

6.1 Each user, by accessing and using the service agrees to:

  • Act in compliance with all application normative measures;
  • To supply valid and up to date non confidential and non detrimental to intellectual property rights or other types of third party rights;
  • Supply all information needed to verify the truthfulness of one’s own identity as may be requested by Glickon or by any other judiciary or administrative authority suited to act within the appropriate legal provisions;
  • To protect the credentials used to access one’s private account, the security and secrecy of which are exclusively the responsibility of the client. If the User suspects an unauthorized access taking place, we kindly ask them to contact Glickon immediately, and to change passwords as soon as possible. Glickon is by no means to be held responsible for whatever harm may come about from the lack of safe keeping of the security credentials for User access onto the platform;
  • To publish on the platform any user content or material that in any way breaks the law, public order or common decency;
  • To not spread, download or make available in any way viruses, threats, unfortunate content, advertisement, promotional material which are not authorized, this includes any type of spam;
  • To not use the platform to send out unauthorized advertisements.
  • To not damage, interfere worth or interrupt access to the Platform the various content, or to not act in a way that might alter the functionality or interfere the access or interfere with the access on the part of other users on the Platform and it’s relative content;
  • Never use the platform in any way that is harmful at or illegal to Glickon or any other User on the platform.

6.2 The company may restrict, suspend, or close the account of a User in the case of a violation on their part of the above states regulation. The account closure will mean the loss of all access to the Platform and the relative data.

7. User content

7.1 When the User spreads, loads or otherwise makes available on the Content Platform for Users, the User concedes to Glickon a non exclusive license, valid at a global level, to copy, use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, publish, create other related works, give licenses or sublicenses, distribute any User Content, for the entire duration of protection of the same, with any shape, means or technology already available or to be developed.

7.2 The User is exclusively responsible for any User Content uploaded on the platform.

7.3 The User declares and guarantees that any User Content complies with the law and does not contain illegal material, data or information, or against morals, morality and public order, nor does it have obscene, defamatory, offensive or nature content discriminatory in relation to religion, race, sexual orientation, nationality and, more generally, content that could be offensive or that violate the intellectual property rights of third parties.

7.4 The User undertakes not to upload electronic files or any material that contains viruses or other codes, files or programs created to interrupt, destroy, limit or modify the functioning of the software, hardware or telecommunications systems, and of the platform, onto the Platform. by Glickon or third parties.

7.5 Glickon reserves the undisputed right to remove at any time User Content in case the Users are not considered adequate and in line with the standards of acceptability or in cases involving violated rights or third party entities. Glickon also reserves the right to terminate or temporary erase the account and personal profile of the incriminated user without notice.

8. Cancellation of services and data

8.1 At any moment the User will be able to modify their personal profile or erase their account from the Platform.

8.2 The User can erase their account by sending an email to Following the cancellation, the User will receive by email an automatic message confirming receipt of the cancellation request, stating that the account will be erased within 72 hours.

8.3 With the cancellation request Glickon guarantees the termination or all date usage as well as other related information that the user may have uploaded to the Platform, with the exception of the permitted courses of action or those required by law or by specific regulatory provisions.

9. Warranty and indemnity

9.1 By the User

  • The User expressly recognizes and accepts that the Platform and its Content is supplied “as is” and “as available” at the moment of their fruition.
  • The User is solely and exclusively responsible for the use and security of their email and personal accounts, even for the tasks carried out through the usage of the same. The User is aware of the fact that, with the goal of regulating access to services, the procedure of authentication is required exclusively for the verification of the personal email address and personal accounts used, with the exception of the expressly stated cases where by law it is required to supply personal identification data.
  • The User is fully and exclusively responsible for their personal data, information an all User Content uploaded or made public through the Platform. The user is required to verify that all Content does not violate, wholly or in part, the rights or third parties or the applicable regulatory provisions and expressly pledges to indemnify Glickon from all harm and costs (including expected legal costs) which may arise and be charged to Glickon as a result of third party actions or administrative or judiciary authorities for the violation of third party rights or applicable provisions on the part of the User.

9.2 By Glickon

  • Glickon is not a work placement or staff selection agency, but rather it acts as a hosting provider pursuant to the applicable measures providing a Platform through which Users can compete amongst themselves, test themselves through Challenges and come into contact with Partner Companies. By accessing the Platform, the User does not in any way do so under the authority or control of Glickon. Therefore, Glickon is in no way responsible for the actions, content, or the information provided, published or otherwise shared by the Users.
  • Nothing stated in these Terms of Use implies in any way that Glickon will take on or is considered liable to carry out a surveillance process of the information that it records and shares, nor is Glickon to be expected to actively search for facts or circumstances that indicate the presence of legally or contractually illicit activity. The rights and faculties recognized to the Company according to the applicable EU and national legislation remain without prejudice.

10. Intellectual property rights

10.1 Glickon retains all intellectual property rights on the Platform and on all features or any connected additional services. These Terms of Use do not grant Users additional or different rights aside from those expressly states in these Terms of Use.

10.2 Glickon allows access to the platform exclusively for the means for which it was created and forbids any copy or modification, even in part, without expressly written consent by Glickon.

10.3 It is therefore forbidden to use the Platform (as herein described), the data the published material and any other content for commercial use, wholly or in part, without expressly written consent by Glickon.

11. Personal data

11.1 The User pledges to provide all the necessary information to ascertain the veracity of personal identity that may be requested by Glickon or any other judiciary or administrative competent authority to the application legal provisions.

11.2 Glickon will process personal User data according to the provisions and terms specified in the Information on the processing of personal data.

12. General clauses

12.1 Applicable law and the competent authority. Regarding any controversy inherent to the interpretation or the execution of the Terms of Use, the Italian Law will be exclusively applied, excluding any conflicts of law. In the case of controversies with the Users, any controversy stemming from the interpretation, validity, or execution of these Terms of Use o however inhere or derivative of these, will be subject to the exclusive and mandatory competencies of the court of competent jurisdiction or the place of residence of the User.

12.2 Assimilation and alterations. These Terms of Use constitute the whole agreement between the User and Glickon e take the place of any previous or simultaneous condition, agreement or declaration, be it written or oral, relative to the topic of Terms of Use. Glickon reserves the right to alter the Platform, the website and the data it contains, as well as the policy and the Terms of Use of the Platform at any point. The User will be subject to the Information on the processing of personal data and the Terms of Use in force at any given moment, available by clicking on the hypertext link “Terms of Use” located within the main menu of the Platform pages.

12.3 Conservation. In the event that a section of the Terms of Use be deemed illicit, nullified or inefficient, such section will be modified so as to make it efficient or otherwise erased, and will not invalidate the efficiency of the remaining sections.

12.4 Communications. Any communication of administrative nature relative to the Terms of Use will be done through the Platform’s homage.

Milan, 31 March 2019