90% of time writing HR content
10% dedicated to people

90% dedicated to people

10% of time writing HR content

Make time to dive into human relationships.
Flow creates HR content using AI so you can focus on what really matters: people.
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Three job descriptions in and ideas have slowed to a trickle? Pick a template and you’ll be brimming with new ideas in no time!


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A few keywords such as "digital marketing, SEO, 2-3 years of experience" is all it takes to generate an entire document.


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Your shiny new text is ready: edit, copy, and save your text for later use. Easy, right?

Flow helps

Team HR

Create top-notch content in record time.
Let our AI worry about your HR content while you immerse yourself in human relationships and talents.

Filling 40 to 50 positions a month is tough work. Flow was truly a blessing! Glickon’s generation tool helped us free up time, which we can now use to select talent wisely.

Luigi Scarpa
Luigi Scarpa

Senior Tech Talent Acquisition GroupM

Finding the right fit for our company starts with a well-written and engaging job posting. Flow made the entire process seem effortless. We really appreciated the option to create and edit content quickly.

Mauro Cerni
Mauro Cerni

Recruitment for Erre Technology


How does Flow know what to write?


Flow uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to write your texts. It uses the GPT-3 algorithm to write different types of realistic and sophisticated texts tailored to the world of human resources.

What is GPT-3 and how does it work?


The third generation Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT-3) uses deep learning to produce human-like text. This language prediction model can write complex, high-quality texts in different languages using over 175 billion machine learning parameters.
Flow uses the GPT-3 algorithm to help its users create HR-specific content. Whether you're looking to write lengthy job descriptions or a list of specific questions for an interview, Flow has you covered. Enter a short prompt for the type of text you wish to write and Flow will do the rest in seconds.

Is Flow available in several languages?


Flow is available in English and Italian, and displays in your browser language by default.

How do I change the language Flow writes in?


Flow can write in English and Italian. Once you're logged in to Flow, go to "Editor" and use the drop-down menu next to the Template selector to change your document language. You can pick English or Italian.

What if I don't like what Flow has generated?


If you don't like what Flow generated the first time around, you have two options:

- If you want a fully new version of the document, click the "Generate" button (left side of your screen) again. Flow will rewrite the entire document.

- If you don't like a part of the generated text, and if the rewrite icon is active, click the corresponding rewrite icon. Flow will then only rewrite that part of the text. You can also edit your generated document manually, if required.

How do I save a generated document?


You can save a generated document from the "Editor" in Flow. Click "Save" (right side of your screen) to save a document you're happy with and may need in the future. All your saved documents are available in the "Saved documents" section.

How do I copy a generated document?


There are two ways you can copy a document generated by Flow:

- In the "Editor", once you've generated a document, click "Copy all" (right side of your screen), or
- In the "Saved documents" section, select a document you wish to copy and click "Copy all" (right side of your screen).

Can Flow write in different tones of voice?


Yes! Flow can write in three different tones of voice: Friendly, Professional, and Surprise me! Just pick a tone of voice while creating your document in the "Editor" section and let Flow work its magic.

How do I contact Support?


If you're facing an issue with Flow, write to us at support@glickon.com. Make sure you also include a screenshot of the problem along with the device and browser type you were using.

How do I access Flow?


If you already have a Flow account, just visit the Flow website, click "Log in" (top right of the page), enter your login details, and click "Log in".
If you haven't signed up for Flow yet, visit the Flow website, click "Sign up", and create an account by entering all the required information. You can then log in to Flow to use all its features.

How do I retrieve my login information?


If you've forgotten your password, click "Forgot password?" in the Flow log in page. Enter your email address and click "Reset password". You'll then receive password reset instructions by email.
If you've forgotten the email used to access Flow, please contact Flow's Support team at support@glickon.com

Can I access Flow on a tablet or smartphone?


You can easily register in Flow from all desktop and mobile devices! Flow is currently optimised for laptop/desktop use. We're working towards bringing you the same user-centric experience on tablets and smartphones. You'll soon be able to use Flow across all devices.

Can I use any browser to access Flow?


Yes, you can access Flow on all browsers.

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